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Global CIE Forum

Global Comparative and International Education Forum


GlobalCIE membership provides its members with access to current developments in comparative and international education worldwide.  In addition, GlobalCIE provides members with the opportunity to meet key experts and to contribute scholarly work in the field.  GlobalCIE supports a conference every three years, which concentrates on research themes in educational policy and practice that are important for critical analysis, discussion, and debate.

With your GlobalCIE membership, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted registration for our triannual conference which provides a forum for researchers to explore and discuss the latest research in comparative and international education, which are custom-tailored to reflect contemporary and topical issues for publication and knowledge advancement. Held every three years drawing a pool of up to only 200 participants, the conference will be designed to concentrate on specific-related topics that are context dependent, topical, and further promote the field of comparative and international education research

  • An e-subscription to GlobalCIE newsletter or RSS feed, which includes important items of general significance to the GlobalCIE community

  • Networking opportunities via our triannual conferences, which shifts its venue every three years to allow members to visit new parts of world and to present current research on specific areas of interest conducive to this part of the world

  • Limited number of travel grant scholarships for qualified full-time postgraduate research students (MA Hons or higher), particularly coming from underprivileged bakcgrounds


Academic and administrative staff and students are eligible to apply for individual membership at the GlobalCIE.  Individuals who share an interest in comparative and international education, would bring value to GlobalCIE, or who wish to get more involved in the GlobalCIE are welcome to join.


Societies whose mission or purpose involves comparative and international education and holds a constitution, regular meetings (including Annual Governance Meeting(s)), are eligible for formal recognition as a GlobalCIE society member through application. Society membership receive full benefits, including voting rights (President or proxy representative) at GlobalCIE Board meetings, elected representation on the GlobalCIE Forum, updated information about the development of the field worldwide, including career and publishing opportunities.


Associations, non-government organisations, or special-interest groups whose primary mandate is related to education and sharing GlobalCIE goals and values are eligible for membership through application. Publishing houses and granting bodies are especially welcome, especially if they are interested in creating publishing or development assistance special interest groups. Association members also include full benefits as defined above as well as opportunities to sponsor and exhibit specific international educational development initiatives, grants, and/or collaborative opportunities.


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