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Global CIE Forum

Global Comparative and International Education Forum


The GlobalCIE, founded in 2016 at the XVI World Congress of Comparative Education Societies, is a worldwide organisation comprised of individual and society members. Its purpose is to promote comparative and international education research, cooperate and knowledge-share with its vast network of international, regional and national bodies, and strengthen research in the field through closer partnerships between publishing bodies, foundations, and granting bodies.

Goal and Objectives

The GlobalCIE serves the professional communities of comparative and international education globally. It pursues the following three objectives:

  1. Promoting comparative and international education research
  2. Knowledge sharing with emphasis placed on research
  3. Strengthening professional associations and institutions dedicated to the study, teaching, and practice of comparative and international education


The activities of GlobalCIE include:

  • Building upon current efforts of constituent organisations to provide networks of support in comparative and international education, especially where they favor younger scholars and scholars from underprivileged situations
  • Providing visibility to local, national and regional organisations through our website
  • Sharing job opportunities and academic events within the field through our website and RSS feed
  • Serving as a depository for electronic resources
  • Leveraging network capital to bring in external resources to enhance the field
  • Promoting other activities from time to time deemed appropriate by the  GlobalCIE Officers and Board; and
  • Organizing an international conference organised every three years in conjunction with a member group’s meeting or conference. The first GlobalCIE conference is scheduled for 2018.

Constitution and Governance

The first meeting of the founding members of GlobalCIE will be launched during the CIES conference 2017 in Atlanta. Representatives of national and regional associations and special interest groups in comparative and international education are invited to participate with a view to adopting an initial constitution that will be based on a consensus building approach and subject to intensive review over the early years of the association. There will be a discussion of constitutional issues before the CIES meeting in Atlanta to adapt a publicly available model constitution tailored to the specific needs of GlobalCIE. Volunteers who wish to engage in this discussion, either individuals or representatives of interested societies, are welcome to join the group. Those wishing to join in this new initiative are invited to provide contact details to: mail@globalcie.org


The strength of GlobalCIE rests in how member skills are best utilized and in meeting the needs of its members. It is envisioned that the Founding Board will elect a President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Board. The GlobalCIE Board  will include members who advise on policy matters, including the development of a constitution and by-laws, and will provide liaison to other like-minded organisations.

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